This next prayer secret gets into the real heart of learning how to properly and effectively pray to the Lord. This revelation is coming direct from Jesus Himself.

I call this particular secret my fighting verse whenever I have to approach God in prayer for something specific. The reason I call this secret my fighting verse is because in this verse are the three main conditions that sometimes must be met before the Lord is going to want to answer any specific prayer request you may have.

Here is the verse where this powerful and profound revelation is being given direct to us by Jesus Himself:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened … If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:7-11)

1. Asking

This first condition, asking, is without question, the easiest of them all. Sometimes all you have to do is ask the Lord once or twice for something that you are really wanting. If the prayer request is in His perfect will for your life, then many of the time the Lord will answer your prayer simply off of one or two prayer requests and that will be it. You will not have to get all worked up into any kind of major prevailing or travailing with Him. Just once or twice at the prayer altar will do it.

However, as simple as this basic principle is for many Christians to fully understand, there still are many Christians who are violating this basic, simple principle with the Lord.

This revelation that we are receiving from the Lord is another one that has two sides to it. Again, it is like looking at a two sided coin. On the one side of the coin is “asking.” Simply ask the Lord for whatever it is you are needing or wanting, and He will grant the prayer request as long as the request is in His will for your life.

But the other side of the coin is that sometimes the Lord will not bring a desire or request that you may have – all because you have failed to ask Him for it in the first place. Here is the verse from our Bible that gives us the flip side to this revelation:

“Yet you do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.” (James 4:2)

This verse is giving us two major revelations. The first revelation is that sometimes you do not receive something from God simply because you did not ask Him for it. You either simply forgot to ask Him for it, or you chose, for whatever your personal reasons may have been at the time, not to ask Him for it. As a result, your request and desire is never brought your way because God was the only One that could have brought it to you in the first place – and you chose not to get the ball rolling with Him by asking Him to bring it to you.

The second piece of revelation that is coming off of this verse is that maybe you have presented your prayer request before God, but this request was not in God’s perfect will for your life. You may be wanting something for the wrong reason or the wrong motive, like the last part of this verse is implying when it says that the prayer request might be for your own selfish and worldly pleasures.

This verse is telling us that when we do this, we are asking “amiss.” According to some of the different Bible dictionaries, the word “amiss” means we are asking for something “wrongly” or “mistakenly.”

This is why all of your prayer requests have always got to line up with the perfect will of God for your life. God always knows what is best for you in all situations. And sometimes God will choose not to answer a specific prayer request you may have because it may not be in your best interests – even though you may not be able to see it at the time that you are asking Him for it.

But now back to the first part of the revelation in the above verse where sometimes we do not receive something from God because we have never asked Him for it. This now becomes the flip side to this same coin. Again, on the one side of the coin is receiving something from the Lord because we have officially asked Him for it. But now the other side to that same coin is that we may not have received something from the Lord simply because we did not officially ask Him for it.

As simple as this basic principle is to fully grasp and understand by everyone, it really is quite amazing how many Christians are not getting many of their basic needs, wants and desires met because they simply forgot to ask God to help them receive the desire in the first place.

2. Seeking

If at first you have no luck with the Lord in asking Him for something specific, then strongly consider going into some kind of seeking mode with Him to see if that will be what will get Him to answer your prayer.

Notice in the verse at the top of this article that if you seek, then you will “find.” One of the ways God may actually want to answer one of your prayers is by leading you into finding it – and the only way you will be able to find it is by being willing to go into some kind of seeking mode to find it.

Here are a few examples:

Say you have just lost your job. Your first step will be to go to God in prayer and ask Him to lead you to the next job that He will want you to be working in.

After you put the request before Him, God will now tell you to do one or two things. He will either tell you to just sit and wait, hold your position and He will bring the next job to you at the time that He has it set up to come into your life – or He will tell you to start going into a seeking mode to try and find that next new job.

If God tells you that He wants you to go into a seeking mode to try and find this next new job, then this means you will now have to start knocking on doors and going on interviews. You may have to go on 7 or 8 interviews before you finally land the job He will want you to have. He will make sure that you land at the right spot at the right time. He will lead you to the next right job as you are seeking after it, and He will make sure that you find it right at the time that He has it set up to manifest in your life.

If God already knows where your next job is going to be, why would He want you going through 7 or 8 interviews before you actually find it? I believe there are two main reasons for this.

The first reason is that He may simply want you to go into a seeking mode in order to show Him that you are willing to expend some time and energy in order to try and find it. Many of the times, the Lord does not want to always give you a free lunch. There are times that you will have to work, sweat and seek for whatever it is God is wanting to bring your way. And one of the ways that He will do this is by throwing you into some kind of seeking mode to try and find whatever it is that He is wanting to bring your way. There is a price to pay for everything, and sometimes that price is paid in the actual seeking of it.

The second reason God may want to throw you into a seeking mode where you have to go on several interviews is because He may want you to get your communication skills sharpened up before you walk into the door that will be your next job.

By going on all of these different interviews, you will become much more skilled with the interview process, and this may end up being what will cause you to get the job that He will really want you to have. But if you have not been willing to sharpen up your interview skills by going on all of these different job interviews, then you may not have the right stuff to convince your new boss that you are going to be the right man for the job.

God always has His personal reasons for everything that He does. Be guided by the Holy Spirit as to what kind of chess moves God wants to make with you and your life.

So the next time you have a major prayer request to put before the Lord, examine and analyze, and try to pick up from the Holy Spirit as best you can, whether or not you will need to go into any kind of seeking mode with God in order to try and get Him to want to answer your specific prayer.

3. Knocking

The last and final principle in the above verse is the “knocking mode.” I believe the knocking mode is another higher level of intensity in this prayer secret.

The word “knock” in one of my Bible dictionaries means to “rap on a door.” And the above verse is definitely implying knocking on a door when it says that if you knock, then it will be “opened” to you.

When you knock on a door, look very closely as to what happens. Next time you knock on someone’s door, watch how many times you naturally and instinctively want to knock. You will naturally want to knock at least two to four times. You will not knock just one time. Try knocking just one time and see how unnatural it feels.

Knocking thus means that you are asking and possibly seeking more than one time for whatever it is that you are asking God for.

Sometimes not only will God have you go into some kind of seeking mode before He will grant your prayer request, but He may also have you go into a full scale knocking mode where you are seeking more than one time in a certain direction. In other words, you may have to try something more than one time before God will answer the prayer.


So how do you know which of these three modes to go into when you decide to approach God the Father with a specific prayer request?

For those of you who have established a good, inside connection to the Holy Spirit, many of the times you can pick it up directly from Him as to which of the three modes you will need to go into on a specific prayer request to the Lord. Sometimes you will be able to read and pick it up from Him that all you will need to do is ask God one or two times, and you will not need to go into any kind of seeking and/or knocking mode to get God to answer your prayer.

However, there will be other times that you will feel led to go into a seeking mode with God before He will grant the answer to your prayer. And not only will the Holy Spirit help to let you know when you will need to go into some kind of seeking mode with God, but He will also help guide and direct you once you go into that seeking mode so you can learn everything that God will want teach you, and then eventually get to where God wants to lead you to before He will be willing to grant the prayer request.

For those of you who have yet to establish this kind of inner connection with the Holy Spirit, just simply ask God, if He has not answered your prayer request within a certain amount of time, if you need to go into any kind of seeking and/or knocking mode with Him before He will grant your prayer request. If you ask with a sincere heart, God will let you know loud and clear as to whether or not you need to only go in one of these modes with Him, in any two of these modes, or possibly in all three of these modes with Him.

This ask-seek-knock verse is another powerful piece of revelation being given to us by our Lord. In this revelation are three powerful key principles. I believe these three principles are giving us a major secret in how we are to approach God the Father in our personal prayer life with Him.


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